Four Date Night Ideas With Small Price Tags

beautiful young couple relaxing after hiking and taking a break

You love spending time with your significant other and romantic partner, but a romantic date can be expensive. If you're on a tight budget, dating might seem impossible. However, it's possible to date and to have a great time without spending a fortune. With a little planning and creativity, you can keep all of your date night ideas within a tight budget. Here are a few date night ideas that don't cost a lot of money.

Farmer's Market

In the spring and summer months, there's more than likely a farmer's market in your local area. Make a date to go with that special someone. Many farmer's markets have a lot more than just fresh fruits and veggies.

The two of you can sample cheeses and pick up locally made baked goods. Some farmers bring meat to the market so that you can buy everything you need to make a romantic lunch together when you get home.

At Home Movie Night

Classic date night ideas always include watching a movie. Going to a movie theater can cost around $50 for a couple, and you have to deal with children crying during the movie or rude people on their mobile phones. Skip the hassle and expense by having a movie night at home.

You can rent the most recent blockbuster film on Blu-Ray or through a streaming service. It's easy to pop some microwave popcorn and buy your favorite movie candy. You can even make nachos.

If you like the feeling of being in a theater, you can turn out the lights to highlight the screen. Movie night at home saves you money while providing a romantic date night opportunity.


One of the most inexpensive date night ideas is stargazing. When the weather is good, and you have a clear sky, spend your date night stargazing. As the sun begins to set, take a blanket out into the backyard. You can bring out a cheese plate and some wine to make it even more special.

In the days leading up to your date night, do a little research on the most easily seen stars and constellations from your area. Learn the myths behind the formation of the constellations to share with your sweetie.

If you have a telescope, you can get a closer look at the moon and some of the planets in the galaxy. You might consider asking friends and neighbors to see if someone has a telescope that you can borrow. Another option for better viewing is a pair of binoculars to get a better look at the craters on the moon.

Hiking or Biking

Enjoy some time alone together and get in some exercise at the same time. You and your significant other can spend a day together exploring nature. If you live near a state or National Park, you'll find plenty of hiking opportunities.

You can pack a picnic lunch in your backpack and enjoy a meal beside a babbling brook. While hiking, the two of you have time to talk without worrying about someone interrupting or the pressures of daily life. You can bring binoculars to do a little bird watching.

If a day hike in your area isn't an option, get your bikes out of the garage and explore your local area. You can use local maps to create a route. Your route can meander past the historic homes and landmarks in your town. When you get hot, stop and order dessert from the local cafe as a reward for all that exercise.

Spending time with your significant other doesn't have to cost a fortune. It's important to set aside the time to spend together and use a little creativity to come up with low-cost activities that don't exceed your budget. Visit our website for more tips on how to save money today!


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