7 Fun Activities You Can Enjoy On A Budget

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You don't have to bust your budget to have a fun and relaxing day or evening with your friends and family. There are many activities available for singles and families to choose from, you need only find the ones that appeal to you the most.

1. Attend a Minor League or School Sporting Events

Attending a major league ballgame can get expensive. Many communities have high school and college sporting events which are more budget friendly. In other instances, you can catch a minor league game where professionals are rehabilitating. These events can provide hours of entertainment and are as much fun as a professional game. You won't have to spend hours in line waiting for tickets, and you'll have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

2. National Parks Provide Hours of Enjoyment

With more than 400 national parks spread across the United States, you and your family can head out for a day and enjoy nature. Preserved land across the country allows you time to hike, bike and explore history. For one fee, a carload of people can spend an entire day at a national park site. Many of these national park sites are open year-round offering a variety of activities including guided tours.

3. Community Theaters and Dance Events

For those who enjoy theater, dance and music, local community colleges, dance studios and music troupes offer several options to enjoy a show with friends and family. Special events often include shows during the holidays, matinees and special family nights. Check out your local community calendar for upcoming events since you may have to purchase tickets early. These events tend to sell out since they are so popular.

4. Enjoy Local Museums On A Budget

Head to your local library and ask them about museum passes. Many public libraries offer family day passes to art, science, and historical museums which can be borrowed. Make sure you plan ahead for these events since there are generally waiting lists for passes.

5. Get Involved in Local Events

Town appreciation days, holiday strolls, and events put on by local civic organizations can provide hours of fun and activities for singles and families. If your community has a calendar, find out when these events are taking place and head down with your friends and family. Not only will you get to enjoy your community, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about your neighbors.

6. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

A "getting to know you" scavenger hunt can be done anytime of the year! This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and have some fun. Finish the afternoon or evening off with coffee and dessert. You can even recycle an unwanted gift as a prize or explore your local dollar store and pick up a gag gift to give away at the end to the winner. You can even organize a separate hunt for the children.

7. Get Involved in Your Community

Reach out to your community and have some fun doing activities with others. You could call your local senior center and see if they would like to set up a potluck supper. You can work with your local food pantry and organize a community-wide food drive. Organize an event to provide warm coats to those in need by contacting a local organization participating in Coats for Kids. Not only will you have some fun doing these events, you'll be giving back to your community as well.

Whether you're searching for an event you can do on your own, or you're looking for something you can do with your family, there are countless opportunities to exercise your imagination and think outside the box.


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